Terms and Condidions

1. Enrolment
Direct enrolment to Peter Bittel, owner of Peppo-Trekking Matterhorn, GmbH, usually based on a programme or an announcement. Written enrolment (e-mail, letter, text message/SMS) only. With the enrolment the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of Peppo-Trekking Matterhorn GmbH, Zermatt (Peppo-Trekking).

2. Package price
The package price contains all benefits as announced on the website of Peppo-Trekking or as described in an offer or contract. The customer will be charged for any supplemental benefits.

3. Payment conditions
For half day or day hikes the package price is due eight days in advance. In specific cases payments can be made until the beginning of the hike.

For multi-day hikes (tours) the package price is due thirty days in advance.
Peppo-Trekking is entitled to ask for a deposit after the enrolment.

4. Conditions for resignation
Any resignation has to be in written form, e-mail or letter.

For half day or day hikes resignations can be made up to eight in advance without any costs. In case of a later resignation the full amount is due.

Costs for premature resignation of multi-day hikes (tours) are as follows:

  • Resignation 40 – 31 days in advance: 10 %
  • Resignation 30 – 16 days in advance: 30 %
  • Resignation 15 – 11 days in advance: 50 %
  • Resignation 10 – 0 days in advance: 100 %

The full package price is refunded if a hike or tour is cancelled by Peppo-Trekking due to weather conditions or an insufficient number of customers. Peppo-Trekking can’t be held responsible for any additional compensation.

5. Program changes
Hikes / tours or other activities take place in all weather conditions generally.
If special circumstances require it, the hiking guides can make program changes. In this case, may be recovered from Peppo trekking no compensation.

6. Safety
The tour guide is responsible for his guests’ safety. Therefore the right is reserved to exclude a customer from the tour, alter or cancel the programme or route, particularly in case of inadequate equipment or insufficient physical condition of one or more customers. In this case Peppo-Trekking can’t be held responsible for any additional compensation.

7. Insurance
Insurance for accidents, third party liability or cancellation are in the customer’s responsibility.

8. Terms and place of jurisdiction
Legal terms of Switzerland, place of jurisdiction CH-3930 Visp VS
In any case of doubt the German version of the terms and conditions of Peppo-Trekking (Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen) apply.


Zermatt – December 17. 2015